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Rio De Janeiro


It really is unique city in the world, I have been To Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, S. America, but this city stand aside from every other by its unreal atmosphere of romantic. You can really get this kind of thoughts that all happy people live in Rio, but its one of most dangerous cities in SA, there are houses of CEO and bankers and across the road huge Favella with 1 million inhabitants (favela is a place where all poor people live without water, perhaps without canalization and a very dangerous place)...

We went to Rio by car, which is 4 hours from Sao Paulo, we stoped at Parecida Church, huge church in the middle of nowhere, Brazil is extremly religious country, you can see people whispering something when walking past churches and doing cross on their chest, so there were like 20000 people around that place, if you religious its a place to go.
We arrived at about 1pm, got settled in hotel, then hanged around Capacabana, famous beautiful beach. In the evening we went to Maracana stadium for a game of BOTOFOGO - Corinthias. we spent only 45 min there, cuz it started feeling quite boring. On the 2nd day we visited christo redentor, that big statue of Jesus on the mountains, to my surprise it was small, and most of people when they see this picture asking me where is another stature big one..So its not quite big at all. There is an amzing view on Rio from up there.
During our stay there we went to some Restaurant i dont remember its name, but its famous and will be easy to find if you want to. There you pay 40$ and can eat all you want, there are waiers walking arround with all kinds of meat, if you want him to give it to you, you just have to turn your mark to green side, they give special papers with 2 sides red if you dont want mean and green if you do it has even sharks, crocodiles, some rare birds. so if you`re hungry go there ;)

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First Week

5 parties a wee, Caipirinha, Cacaca and learning to speak Portuguese

from the first days being in Brazil, i was dragged to every party that was happening there. Jara`s BBQ, 25 people, only 1 speaks english.
There I learned to make caipirinha, famous Brazilian drink made of lemons vodka and sugar with variations. A lot of fun, drunk people and pretty looking non english speaking girls :D
Cida BBQ Again 40 people, noone speaks english, so guys you can imagine what kind of fun i had there. Though some folks could say like 20 words in english, that helped a lot in communication.

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Just arrived

Impressions of the first few hours.

So Arrived to Garrulous Airport at 16:45 PM, on the last day of August, after long, exhausting flight, i was looking forward to start new life, short life for 3 months away from European experiences of civilization. My first impression was, honestly that Garrulous Airport is dirty, so i had impression of some not dirtiness but rather uncomfortableness to which added the fact that my friend who was supposed to meet me, never showed up, i spent another 40 minutes by calling to his work, as i found out i had only this phone number of his and at his work, nobody spoke english, only portuguese, later in my expirence after 500 different contacts in brazil i realized that only 8 person spoke some english and only 1 spoke perfect english, that was a foreigner who decided to live in Brazil. So meanwhile i was desperately browsing my emails in airport cafe looking for his cellular number, a guy next to me approached and as i found out he had the same problem as me, so he helped me, he called to the phone number and got me assured that my friend will come soon and after 30 minutes he arrived. So went to his house which was about 1hr from airport in Paraiso District, fantastic place, a real fortress in those stone jungles.
I just got relaxed, had a drink and went off to bed in expectations and thoughts what i`m gonna see in next 3 months.

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